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C-Level Executives

As a senior executive in your company, you are acutely aware of the damage a data breach could have on revenue and profitability of your business. You are likely also aware of your personal risk should such a breach occur.

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IT Department

As an IT professional, your job is to build and maintain the technology infrastructure necessary to efficiently run all aspects of the business. Many companies expect the IT department to also have expertise in data breach prevention.

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Risk and Compliance

It is your job to ensure your company complies with applicable laws and regulations. Read more to see how to get the support you need to comply with the multitude of state and federal data protection laws.

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IDT911 Consulting provides information security and data privacy guidance to insurance, regional financial services, retail, healthcare and other industries most vulnerable to data breach events.

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Our clients are companies with 5 to 500 employees with a common goal of reducing the probability and damage from a data breach.

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IDT911 Consulting utilizes an integrated approach that applies information security, data privacy and information governance as we provide practical, actionable and affordable advice from senior consultants who serve as partners in the protection of your business.

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